FAQFAQs about SunShinePet seat protector for dog


  • How will I be sure that the size of the back seat cover will fit in my car?

The size of back seat cover: 52″x58″. This size is universal and fits for many vehicle, there are also side flaps, due to them the cover can be used in most of Trucks and SUVs.
Before purchasing rear seat blanket, we recommend measuring the size of the rear seat of your car, in order to avoid discrepancy. See dimensions in our photo gallery.


  • Can a passenger ride with a dog in the back seat?

Yes, you can. The passenger can ride in the back seat with the dog: do not attach the hammock part to the front headrests, and use it as a cover in the back seat. Photo with a passenger is also available in the photo gallery on our website.


  • Is it possible to use seat belts?

Yes, SunShinePet rear seat cover has Velcro openings to allow access to seat belts.


  • Is it possible to use an infant car seat?

Yes, you can. There are special Velcro openings in the rear seat blanket, through which you can fasten the infant car seat.


  • Are the car seat covers waterproof?

Yes, they are. Due to multi-layer material and durable Oxford 600D PU fabric, the cover of SunShinePet is totally waterproof, and well retains various liquids on its surface. But seams and Velcro openings are not waterproof, and the liquid can leak through these areas.


  • What is the difference between Metal Mount System of your rear seat cover from the usual plastic fastener?

“It’s a long life term.” Plastic fasteners usually break down, they can also be unfastened due to a heavy dog, and the metal system is strong, it’s difficult to break, and it also withstands heavy dogs.